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The Elite Pre Workout Ignition System from Myokem

2014’s best new pre workout supplement, Myokem’s Nitramine is unlike anything you’ve ever tried.

It’s more than just energy. More than just focus. It’s pure workout obliteration.

If you’re ready to take your workout performance to the next level, then you’re ready to take the next-level pre workout.

Non-Stop FOCUS

Every reviewer has felt it, and so will you.  Get ready to take “the zone” to the next level in each and every workout.

Legit Performance Enhancement

Finally, a pre workout that goes beyond “more energy” — Nitramine boosts physical performance in every sense of the word.

Science-Backed Strength

Potent doses of strength and endurance boosting ingredients backed by research done on real athletes like you.

A new kind of killer instinct

It’s hard to describe the feeling — this is new and unique to pre workout supplements.  You simply won’t want to leave the gym until they make you.

1 small scoop
Delicious new flavors
4 Strength & Power Ingredients
10 Mental Ignition Ingredients

Serious Question:

Is it us, or has the latest generation of pre workout supplements been ridiculously boring and overrated?

Because from where we’re standing here in 2018, it’s all feeling very stale.  There’s been literally one, maybe two pre workouts worth noting over the past three years.

What happened?

Every company says their new pre workout formula is “innovative” and “groundbreaking”… but then it turns out that all they’re doing is adding more caffeine or underdosing some mysterious new extract that nobody can feel.

Do those products give you some energy? Sure… but actual performance enhancement and legitimately better workouts?  Not one bit.

The solution:

Myokem Nitramine: Get ready for the workout of your life. We'll prove it with a free sample.

Get ready for the workout of your life. We’ll prove it with a free sample.

After hearing this same story for far too long, Myokem decided it was time to break away and do something about it, because nobody else was.

What they made was something unique… something explosive.  So explosive that it needed a name to go along with its effects:


Below, we’ll do our best to explain what makes this formula so impressive, but the best way to really understand it is to try for yourself.

So we’d first like to offer you a free sample first, courtesy of Myokem and PricePlow.

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The industry who cried wolf

So how do we prove that this one truly is different? After all, every company says this stuff about their new products!

To answer that, we need to break down the ingredients with research-backed science, show how they work together, and point you to the numerous incredible reviews.

And if that doesn’t convince you that there is something different going on here, just wait until your free sample arrives.

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Real Reviews from Real People

Shortly after it was released in early 2014, Nitramine was quickly the talk of the town. You won’t find too many insider blogs and forums not raving about it.

Here are a few key reviews:

As I'm going through the squat sets, I'm feeling the focus kick in. Laser-like focus as in the focus belongs to you -- more than just glorified mood enhancement. "Synced up" is the best way to explain it.

This is one of the best and most unique pre-workouts I've ever tried.

Brandon Hooper
Supplement Reviews Logger

The first effect that kicks in is the focus, and it's almost like a light bulb. All of a sudden you feel like you're about to do the workout of your life, and if you don't give 110% it's all over.

You basically transform into a one track mind person with your focus dead set on your exercises, sets, and what rep records you're about to break. During your session you don't think about anything else, it's on to the next movement or set.
You can talk all the science you want, but I want results.  And at the end of the day, this stuff gave me next-level workouts each and every time -- even on a diet.  I'm in contest prep and nothing else matters but that.
CJ Woodruff
The Fitness Trainer Academy
Got a review of your own?  Want to read other user reviews?
See the official Nitramine reviews page and give it your own rating from 1-10 stars!

Are you ready for the workout of your life?

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Breaking it down

Before we begin, let us note that this site is not run by Myokem, nor was it written by them.  We’re not affiliated in any way.  The analysis below is based upon our independent research.

Why are we here? What do we really need in a pre workout?

When Myokem started formulating Nitramine, they had the following goals in mind:

  • To provide actual performance enhancement,
  • To give strong workout stimulation without dangerously large doses of caffeine,
  • To emphasize a potent “mind-muscle connection” that you can feel and focus on,
  • To do provide something unique yet long-term beneficial for your body composition.

This is actually easier said than done.  The latest generation of pre workout supplements has struck out on at least two of those four bullet points… if they’re lucky.

When “acceptable” is no longer enough

Nitramine Pre Workout

We’ve found the pre workout you’ve been looking for

Let’s be frank — there isn’t much difference between most pre-workouts. If they have a good amino acid profile, a nitric oxide pump enhancer, and don’t overdo it on the caffeine and stims, they’re probably at least acceptable.

So what sets a pre-workout formula apart if you want to do a little better than “acceptable”?

It’s ultimately the performance, but it’s still more than that.  It’s the way it makes you feel. The level of focus it provides and the excitement it brings to your workout mindset.

When a pre-workout has you so “in the zone” that you’ve lost count of the number of sets you’ve done, and you’ve consistently gone beyond the scope of any normal workout plan, you’ve got something special.

This is the one

After using it for several workouts, we can honestly say that Nitramine is one of those standout products. In fact, it is the standout product out right now.

It delivers clean, jitter-free energy, and intense focus supported by a bedrock of legitimate field-tested research.  It achieves all four of the above stated goals… when most products are reaching for only one or two.

Now it’s time to explore why.

Nitramine’s Ingredients

What’s Under the Hood?

To achieve the goals above, the Nitramine blend functions in the following synergistic way:

  • It provides appropriate energy from a blend of stimulants,
  • It moderates any potential negative effects of said stimulation (ie, anti-anxiety agents that prevent the jitters),
  • It creates laser-like focus with high-quality cognitive mental enhancers,
  • It boosts strength and destroys fatigue with well-known strength, pump, and endurance boosters.

Focusing on focus

Since it’s the focus that all of the reviewers (including ourselves) have loved, we’ll start with the ingredients making it happen.

The star of the show here is the one-two punch of CDP choline and a hefty dose of huperzine A, which make the central components of Nitramine’s unique “feel”.

Nitramine Ingredients

Nitramine’s Ingredients – Click label to zoom in

Activating the mind/muscle connection with acetylcholine

The specific goal behind choline is to increase acetylcholine levels. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that plays a wide range of roles throughout the body, but the key purposes here are to activate muscle tissue and enhance the function of the central nervous system.[14]

This provides the “mind-muscle connection” that Nitramine users are raving about.  Every rep becomes far more pronounced, and it forces you to feel the muscle’s contraction every time you lift a weight.

CDP Choline and a real dose of Huperzine A

Nitramine increases acetylcholine levels by including CDP choline (citicholine sodium), an extremely high-quality form of choline that’s more potent than the other forms on the market.

It’s paired with huperzia serrata (huperzine A), a plant extract that protects acetylcholine from breakdown and keeps it available to the body for longer periods.[9]

You’ve probably seen choline and huperzine on other ingredient labels, but the difference in Nitramine lies in both the quantity and the quality:

  • CDP choline, also known as citicoline, is far stronger than other forms of choline (such as bitartrate or citrate).

    But the CDP form is also about 100x more expensive than the bitartrate form, which is why you rarely see it on other product labels.

  • Huperzine provides incredible support for choline, but it too is prohibitively expensive.  It is typically underdosed because it costs roughly $2000 per kg.

    Myokem won’t tell us how much is in there, but they have stated that Nitramine definitely has more than the typical 1-2mg (at best) dosage in competing products.

So when you read all of the reviewers mentioning incredible focus on every rep, it’s the choice of these higher-end ingredients.  Do you pay for it a bit more for it?  Yes – but most have agreed that it’s well worth the cost.  And if you’re still not sure, the free sample form up above is waiting for you.

Does it matter that you feel the contraction when lifting?

You might be wondering why the mind-muscle connection is so important to us.  After all, if you’re lifting the weight, who cares if you can “feel” the contraction?

“Just lifting the weight” might work for you if you’re a powerlifter.  But if you’re looking for the aesthetic edge, you need to work the intended muscle.

Nitramine’s mind-muscle connection elevates your concentration on the proper movement, so that your bicep curl doesn’t turn into a “back-and-shoulder-assisted bicep curl” that we all admittedly do on distracted workout days.

This isn’t to say you can’t cheat a little — you don’t need to be 100% strict.  But if you’re so unfocused and sloppy that you aren’t experiencing the desired growth, it’s time to tune your brain into what’s really going on with your muscle movements.

Add in some controlled energy

Now that you’re dialed in with focus, it’s time to take a look at Nitramine’s superior energy profile below.

On the left side, we discuss the primary stimulants.
On the right side, we show the stimulant supporters.

When only used alone, you get the sub-par pre-workouts we’ve come to know. But when taken together, the effects amplify and last far longer, yielding the phenomenal matrix we know as Nitramine.

Caffeine Anhydrous (150mg)

Needs no introduction

In moderate doses, there’s no stimulant safer or more time-tested than caffeine. Nitramine provides about the equivalent to a cup and a half of coffee, enough to boost energy and cognitive function without inducing the jitters or stomach problems. Anhydrous caffeine is simply caffeine with all of the water removed.

Nearly all of us love caffeine.  After all, it’s an athletic performance enhancer, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.[26]

But as certain other ingredients have been removed from the market, other brands are relying far too heavily on caffeine.  More caffeine is not better – it just leads to more side effects and anxiety.  For instance, one study showed that a 400mg dosage will get most users no additional athletic benefits than a 200mg dosage.[27]

It’s up to the rest of the profile to keep you stimulated and in the game.

Myokem: New PRs are Coming
New PRs are Coming

N-Methyl-Tyramine HCl

Adrenaline’s distant cousin

N-Methyl-Tyramine is a mild stimulant that also provides a minor boost of norepinephrine for your central nervous system.  But it’s relatively weak – roughly 1/140th the strength of adrenaline, so it doesn’t overwhelm you by any means.[36]

NMT is a version of L-Tyramine that’s been methylated to improve uptake. Beyond the adrenaline boost, L-Tyramine decreases blood sugar levels, increases insulin production, and increases cyclic GMP and AMP levels. These are molecular signal transducers that have been found to improve cognitive function and alertness, which adds to the effect from citicoline and huperzine A mentioned above.[5,6]

Like hordenine, it slows the uptake of adrenaline.  It works a bit differently, however, by functioning as an alpha2-adrenoceptor antagonist.  The alpha2 receptors are adrenaline inhibitors on muscles.  By gently moderating them, you get longer-lasting energy throughout your workout.[31]


Up-and-coming safe thermogenic

Higenamine, also known as norcoclaurine, has become popular in pre workout supplements and fat burners lately, and for good reason: it’s an mild-mannered stimulant with practically no downsides. Some of the thermogenic effects that users get from Nitramine are due to this ingredient.  A recent study from 2013 showed that it provides a significant increase in circulating free fatty acids and calorie expenditure on healthy men and women.[32]

Higenamine is also naturally derived from plants, and it acts as a heart stimulant while simultaneously moderating stress response in other body tissues, particularly in the lungs.[7,8]  Despite being a stimulant, it has been shown to be extremely well tolerated in humans[33], and users experience next to no change in their heart rate and systolic blood pressure.[32]

A Nitramine Nightmare
Don’t let this happen to you!

Rauwolfia Vomitoria
(Standardized to Min. 90% Rauwolscine)

Energy, acetylcholine focus, and fat burn

Rauwolscine belongs to both the energy and focus departments, while also assisting with fat burn, another benefit of Nitramine that we haven’t even touched on.

As a focus enhancer, it is the last component of the acetylcholine tandem discussed above. The effect it has on acetylcholine has been studied since the 1950s, with research consistently finding that rauwolfia keeps acetylcholine from breaking down, making it available longer and even enhances the effects of citicoline.[24]

As a fat burning agent, rauwolscine induces lipolysis (burns fat) due to its alpha2-adrenoreceptor antagonism (similar to NMT above).[35]  Rauwolscine is quite potent, which is why you see it last on the label – a very little bit is all that’s needed.

Nitramine Ingredients

In this section, we explain the high-energy blend’s stimulants and their supporting cast


Caffeine’s counterpart from cocoa

Theobromine works very synergistically with caffeine. This is one of the “feel-good” ingredients in chocolate — it’s a natural compound found in several plants, but cocoa beans have the greatest concentrations of it.

Theobromine has a similar but lesser stimulant effect as that of caffeine. Unlike caffeine, however, it has been shown to simultaneously reduce central systolic blood pressure (by acting as a vasodilator) while stimulating the heart and central nervous system.[3]

Theobromine lasts longer than caffeine as well — its half-life is over 7 hours long compared to caffeine’s ~4 hours (exact numbers depend on your metabolism).[30]  This is important, because when caffeine stops working, you want other ingredients to continue working to avoid any potential for caffeine crash.  The combination of these two causes what reviewers have called a “gentle comedown.”

Note: Theobromine is indeed a stimulant, but we are classifying it as a “stimulant-supporting ingredient” because of its ability to synergize with caffeine and make its overall experience that much better.
The Nitramine Label Benefits
The label says it all


Smooth out the stims

L-Theanine is an amino acid that helps improve cognitive ability while simultaneously providing an anti-stress, normalizing type of effect.

Paired with the other stimulants above and below, it takes any potential negative jittery feelings away, allowing the stimulants to do their job – keep you active.  Without L-Theanine, Nitramine would not feel nearly as clean as it does.

Hordenine HCl

Longer lasting burts of adrenaline

Hordenine is a natural plant extract that is included for its enhancement of other stimulants, but it also acts as a mild stimulant in its own right.

It operates by inhibiting the uptake of norepinephrine (noradrenaline), which is actually a good thing — it keeps adrenaline available to your body longer, giving your sets an extended boost.[4]  Because of this, hordenine is one of the ingredients that contributes to the fat loss effects in Nitramine – a “working” state causes your body to mobilize and burn fat stores for energy.

Black Pepper Extract (min 99% piperine)

Absorption enhancer

Black pepper isn’t added to the mix for seasoning purposes — it increases the bioavailability of a number of ingredients by inhibiting their metabolization.[34] Piperine is the main component responsible for this effect, and Nitramine’s extract is purified to a minimum of 99% piperine.

Note: Don’t sniff the Nitramine!

Although you can’t taste any black pepper in the product, it should still be cautioned that you shouldn’t directly inhale the tub of Nitramine either.

As we all know from our childhood cartoons, very pure black pepper is known to have a sneezing/coughing effect! Users have actually experienced this, and while it can’t be tasted, it can be felt. This small oddity of Nitramine is well worth it, since the amplification of the other ingredients can clearly be felt when using it.

That’s a lot of stimulants… or is it?

With the entire energy and focus complex containing 482mg, initial responses on the product are typically one of the two:

  • That’s a lot of stimulants!
  • That’s not a lot of stimulants!

Interestingly, both of these statements are correct.  There are 10 ingredients in the high energy matrix, which is a lot… but the overall dosage of 482mg seems “light” to experienced users.

The essence is in the balance.

You do not need much Nitramine to feel amazing effects discussed above.  Despite what you may think about the dosages, this is a potent product, and we urge you to stick with 1 scoop or even less, even if you’re very experienced with stimulants.  When they’re mixed properly, you don’t need massive amounts of any of them.

This is a true one-serving-per-scoop product for the vast majority of users.

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Strength, Endurance, and Recovery

While focus and energy are must-haves, Nitramine users are interested in doing more than studying for exams.  A pre workout isn’t really worth much if the formula isn’t also supported by muscular performance enhancement.

The following ingredients combine to yield the strength, endurance, and recovery effects we all demand in a pre workout.  As a bonus, two of the ingredients also support your testosterone levels.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

Recovery and Androgen/Hormonal Support (1000mg)
L-carnitine enhances mitochondrial activity, provides a nitric oxide boost and even functions as a powerful antioxidant (reducing muscle soreness). The L-Tartrate form of carnosine even further enhances endurance, reduces muscle fatigue and improves muscle gains.[12]

Two double-blind, placebo-controlled studies conducted on athletes doing squats determined that its protective qualities freed up more receptors in the tissue for anabolic hormones. Even though it doesn’t directly enhance testosterone production, it may free up more testosterone for use in muscle growth since less of it has to be diverted to damaged tissue.[16,17]

These studies proved to be the cornerstone in LCLT’s supplementation research, and it is now found in various supplements from testosterone boosters to intra-workout supplements.  Finally, it’s in a pre workout, right where we can consistently get it.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate Reduces Recovery

In one study[37], Creatine Kinase (CK) was used to measure soreness and “tissue disruption”. LCLT significantly reduces it!

Beta Alanine

The Endurance Booster (1600mg)
A pre-workout formula wouldn’t be complete without beta alanine, one of the best-studied supplements for increasing anaerobic endurance and the duration of workouts. Nitramine has a more than sufficient quantity of beta alanine to enhance the effects of the l-carnitine-l-tartrate, leading to an overall improvement in muscular output.[10]

Beta alanine works hand-in-hand with carnosine — an increased presence of beta alanine in the muscle tissue is a signal to deliver more carnosine. Studies conducted on elite-level speed skaters, rowers and cyclists have consistently demonstrated its endurance benefit when used in this way.[18,19,20] The 1600mg dosage present in a serving of Nitramine is in keeping with the results of these studies, which found that benefit occurred for most athletes when they took 1500mg prior to exercise.

The Beta Alanine Tingles

If you’re not already aware, beta alanine is responsible for the “tingling” sensation that some users will get from Nitramine. You may or may not experience the feeling, and either way, beta alanine is a non-toxic and safe amino acid to supplement.

Many users consider the tingles to be their “alarm call” to start working out – the pre workout supplement’s processes have begun to take action and it’s time to get moving.

Betaine Anhydrous

Power and Strength Enhancer (2000mg)
Betaine is an exciting ingredient that’s been shown to significantly reduce body fat and increase muscle mass in men who train at an athletic level.

A groundbreaking 2013 study conducted at Coastal Carolina University over a period of six weeks found that in trained athletes, betaine supplementation of 2.5g per day reduced body fat by 3%, reduced fat mass by an average of 6.4 pounds, and added an average of 5.3 pounds of lean mass![15]

Did you know…

One food that has high levels of strength-boosting betaine? Spinach.

Popeye was on to something after all.

Trimethylglycine was the first form of betaine discovered and is still the top choice for increasing anabolic hormone production (and thus muscle output). It’s also very beneficial for hydration of the cells, which helps to maintain muscle pH balance.[11]

As we become more aware of this compound’s incredible effects, you’ll be seeing it on an increasing number of supplement labels. The difference here is the incredible dosage, which has been contributing to the cumulative strength effects gained throughout reviewers’ tubs of Nitramine.

Agmatine Sulfate

Next-Generation Nitric Oxide Booster (500mg)
Agmatine sulfate is a nitric oxide (NO) pump enhancer that has been shown to be more effective than the more commonly used arginine. It’s extremely stable and leads to an incredible metabolic chain reaction of strength-enhancing and cognition-boosting effects.

It dilates the blood vessels, increasing the blood flow to muscle tissue and giving it a more full appearance. That additional blood flow gives you the pumps you’re looking for in a workout, and also assists with additional strength increases.

Agmatine has a number of other beneficial effects, but beyond the NO boost, a secondary point of interest is its ability to spur the release of growth hormones, leading to a potential increase in testosterone.[13]

Outside of the workout supplement world, it has also been studied widely (and found to be beneficial) for a variety of different types of pain.[21, 22, 23]

Want to discuss these ingredients? See the separate Nitramine Ingredients page for more information and discussion.

Dragon Fruit Flavor?

The cherry on top — or maybe we should say the dragon on top — is Nitramine’s unique flavor to go along with the unique feeling the product provides. The “dragon fruit”, also called pitaya, is popular throughout Asia and has a mildly sweet flavor that isn’t overbearing.

Nitramine was successfully designed to mix quickly and completely with no clumping. We find the flavor very enjoyable. It’s a welcomed new flavor to the world of supplements, and is great to see an introductory flavor not named fruit punch.

When drinking it, the flavor is there, and then it’s gone – neither underwhelming nor overwhelming, and definitely no aftertaste. This is unlike most products with multiple stimulants, so it is a welcomed bonus worth mentioning. We look forward to drinking it every time.

The dosage

Start with one scoop (or less) — seriously!!

Start with one scoop. We can’t stress this enough, so we’re saying it again here.  Even for the most stimulant-tolerant individuals, follow the label and start at one scoop or less.  Even if you’re taking 1.5-2 scoops of other products, don’t get too cocksure here.  It is smooth and strong.  You’ll be amazed at what 150mg of caffeine can do for you when it’s properly formulated.

The Difference vs the Competition

So why Nitramine over other pre workout formulas?

Nitramine is all about the clean energy and lasting focus without the “stim jitters” or the heavy post-workout crash. You won’t get an overwhelming loss of control as is common with products that rely solely on caffeine.

This is the ideal pre-workout if you tend to have trouble getting your mind in the right place to properly handle a long, intense workout session. And once you’re in the zone, the energy formulation gives your body the ability to keep up with your mind’s newfound focus and motivation.

So if you have an issue with the number of servings or the price tag, realize that one serving is one true serving.

The performance enhancement formula is solid and proven. The standby pairing of beta alanine and carnitine has consistently delivered measurable results, and l-carnitine-l-tartrate is the premium form of carnitine for weightlifters.

The icing on the cake is a solid pump that makes the muscles feel dense and full, easy mixing and a unique mild-but-sweet fruit flavor not found in any other pre-workout products.

You can probably find a budget-priced pre-workout out there that will help give you a little energy boost. However, if you want to feel your workout and make it last — this is the one.

Our semi-insiders’ prediction

By the end of the year, Nitramine will go down as the new top-tier pre workout supplement.  If you don’t believe us, the free sample form is awaiting your test.  And when you love it (we’re sure you will), PricePlow’s price comparisons below will be here to get you the best deal.

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Note: This website was developed while using Nitramine. It’s not just a pre workout… the focus is REAL.

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