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Training Rest & Recovery

Rest & Recovery – Vital to Your Training

Rest and recovery are essential components of any successful training program. Unfortunately, they also happen to be the most underutilized parts of any training program as well. Just like you plan your workouts, you need to schedule your rest and recovery accordingly, and stick to it! Now, you may think these two are one in…


Pile of Money

Get Big Without Going Broke!

The vast majority of guys workout to get in shape and then get BIG! One of the biggest challenges to getting big is “eating big.” To gain muscle and grow, you’re going to have to eat and eat and eat so you provide your muscles with enough fuel to not only recover and repair the…


Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands for Building Muscle

Many times when working out, people are confused what is “best” in terms of getting in shape and building muscle. This usually boils down to an argument of body weight training vs free weights vs resistance bands vs machines. One of the more heated debates revolves around the use of free weights vs resistance bands…


Creatine Powder

Does Creatine Hinder Fat Loss?

Creatine is perhaps the most researched sports nutrition supplement on the planet. It’s been used for decades by bodybuilders, athletes, powerlifters, and regular gym rats to help them get bigger, stronger and faster in each of their respective fields. But what if creatine wasn’t the golden boy supplement many would have you believe (at least…


Yoga Warrior 3 Pose

Yoga: A Vital Part of Your Training Regimen

Over the years, you’ve been incredibly diligent about eating the right foods, avoiding the “bad” ones, and working out five to six days a week between cardio and weightlifting. You probably think you’ve been doing everything right. You’re a lean, mean fighting machine! Then, you go bend over to stretch your hamstrings and your hands…


Getting Dirty: Training for a Mud Run

Call it what you want: Mud Run, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, or Spartan Race. The common theme among all of these is that these are “fun” races where you’ll have to face down numerous adversaries, both living and nonliving (meaning obstacles, not zombies). Although these are all intended to be just for fun, they have…


Building Your Home Gym: Part Deux

We’re back again this week on the Nitramine Blog with the continuation of our Home Gym Series. Last week, we detailed how to get in incredible shape with the bare bones type of equipment. That post was geared towards those who wanted to get in great shape, but not necessarily get HUGE. That was then,…


Building Your Home Gym: Part One

Tired of constant fee increases at the local gym or having the find the “right” time to go when it’s not too crowded or stuffed with soccer moms trudging away on useless ellipticals? Maybe the nearest gym is 20 miles away and it’s simply not worth it to drive all the way there and back.…


Shaun Clarida Get Huge Mistake

Four Common Mistakes When Bulking Up

Everybody who has ever picked up a weight or gone to the gym at some point or another has wanted to get big, possibly even huuuge. Sure, your initial goal when joining the Brotherhood of Iron may have been to lose weight or just not look bad when strutting your stuff on the beach, but…


Get Your Groove Back: Returning to the Gym After Time Off

It happens to nearly everyone. You start off a workout program with high levels of motivation, dedication, and consistency. A few weeks go by and it’s become a habit, and maybe even an obsession for you. You feel great and are starting to look great as well. Then… BAM! You get a nasty bout of…