After you’ve taken your favorite preworkout supplement, it’s time to focus on the things that bring real results – your diet and fitness.

Where’s the best weightlifting trackers?

The FitNotes App

The FitNotes App

There’s no one great app designed on both Android and iOS for weightlifting tracking.  So depending on your phone, you’ll want to try a few different ones.  We just want something simple and easy to use to track our lifting.

  • On iOS, STRONG is a great place to start.
  • On Android, FitNotes is a similarly simple and easy lifting log.

Sometimes, it depends on the type of workout you’re doing and your skill level.  The logging apps above assume that you know what you want to do and just need to track your progress.

But some of the other fitness apps below hold your hand and give you entire workouts for when you need a change-up or don’t have anything specific planned.

General free fitness trackers for the rest of em

As for your other fitness needs, below are some apps that will help you along the way.  We’re showing only apps available on both Android and iPhone, as these are typically the best-developed ones.

  1. NIKE Training Club

    The Nike Training Club App

    The Nike Training Club

    As you’d expect, Nike has has the resources to bring a very full-featured app.  They have over 100 full-body workouts, and several workouts that range from 15 minutes long to 45 minutes long.

    Many of them come with video demos, or at least step-by-step audio demos, and you’ll definitely recognize a bunch of their famous celebrity trainers.

  2. MapMyFitness

    This is a GPS-based tracking app that is great for outdoor activities and more.  You can manage over 500 different types of activities, so chances are, it’s for you and your workout routine.

    There’s an extreme level of detail here, with the following details shown:

    • distance
    • pace
    • elevation
    • calories burned
    • route traveled

    You can then get it all into a big history chart, which will let you see your trends.

  3. EveryMove

    The EveryMove App

    The EveryMove App

    This interesting app turns fitness into points that gets you rewards from stores and services who participate.

    This one connects with other fitness trackers so that you don’t have to manage your stats in multiple places.

  4. Runtastic Six-Pack Abs

    Many of us are terrible when it comes to getting those abs in.  This app helps you with that — there are several different customized plans, such as a 10-week plan, Insanity, a 7-minute workout, and more.

  5. Fitocracy

    If it’s motivation that you need, then Fitocracy has you covered.  This online community is absolutely blowing up, and it’s full of fitness enthusiasts who want to help you — and would like your help as well.

    Everyone is tracking progress, and this app turns it all into one awesome game where you can enter your strength training and cardio and get points for achieving your goals.

Most people on this site are weightlifters, however, so the apps at the top — and Fitocracy down at the bottom will be most useful.

Depending on your goals — especially if they’re weight loss related — diet is even more important.  In a few weeks, we’ll cover the top free diet apps.

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