You’ve always grown up going to the gym, from lifting weights on the high school football team, to going to the rec gym in college, and now going to the local iron palace 10 minutes from your house. It’s your refuge, just you and the weights.

And then things started to change. The local place went out of business due to one of the big box gyms opening up in the same city. You go there and find 50 TVs all blaring different news and sports feeds, endless rows of machines, only one squat rack, and 25 soccer moms walking on treadmills because they’re “working out.”

You speak to the clerk at the front desk and inquire about membership fees, and here’s the final straw… it’s over $60 a month to sign up and they want a 12 month commitment?! Sometimes over $100?!

Enough is enough.

You’re fed up with driving all over creation and decide to build your own home gym!

Benefits of a Home Gym

  • Time

    Plyometric Exercises

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    Perhaps the most valuable and precious commodity we have in life is time. Just think about how many hours you’ve wasted over all the years driving to the gym, changing clothes, showering, driving home etc. Those 15-20 minute drives add up after a while and when you look back, you’ve spent weeks or months driving around when you could have been doing something else more productive or enjoyable with all that time.

    A home gym is right there for you, no needing to drive around, fight traffic, or get there before they close. Walk to the garage, basement, or spare bedroom in your house and you can get right to your workout. Time is the ultimate limited resource. Save it where you can by having your gym at home.

  • Money

    Next to time, money is second most valuable commodity individuals have. Let’s face it, the cost of things never goes down, it ALWAYS goes up. If your gym fee starts at $50 per month, it’s only a matter of time before renovations, equipment repair or replacement, or greedy management start to charge $75-100 per month. By the end of the year, you could be spending $1000-1500 just to go somewhere and lift heavy things!

    A home gym is an investment in YOU! No, home gyms aren’t free, they will require more up front spending than your initial monthly fee at the big box gym, but it’s an investment. You are building something that will increase in value over the years as opposed to lining someone else’s pockets each month with no return on investment. In the long term, it will be much cheaper to build your own home gym than pay a monthly or yearly fee to one of the mega gyms for the rest of your adult fitness life.

  • Convenience

    There’s nothing more convenient than having a gym in your very own house.  When your gym is in the next room, it eliminates the excuses most people make when saying they don’t get a workout in, including:

    Crowded Commercial Gym

    Does this look familiar? With a home gym there is no waiting in line to use the squat rack or bench. You work out when YOU want to!

    • “I don’t have time”.
    • “The gym is closed.”
    • “It’s too cold outside to drive/walk to the gym.”
    • “My car broke down.”
    • “I have to work a double shift.”

    When you have a home gym, all of these excuses are rendered invalid.

    Another thing to consider is pre workout timing. How many times have you slammed your serving of Nitramine before getting in the car to drive to the gym only to get stuck in rush hour traffic. Even before you get to the gym, the pre workout kicks in a your wired, bouncing off the walls and still stuck in your car with nowhere to go. Having a home gym eliminates the worry of pre workout timing and the possibility of having it kick in while still driving around.

  • Availability

    How many times have you been going through your workout and had to stop because you’re waiting for some yutz to get done doing his set of curls in the squat rack Or all of the benches are full and you need one to finish your chest and back superset?

    We’re back to wasting time again waiting on other people. With a home gym, there is no waiting in line to use the squat rack or having to get there at 5 AM before all of the benches are taken up on Monday morning (International Chest Day!). You can superset your exercises to bounce back and forth between bench press and pull ups without having to wait for someone else to finish their set. You can decide when, what, and how you’re going to work out and never need to worry about equipment availability.


As you can see, having a home gym provides numerous benefits over going to one of the big commercial gyms. Not only will you save time and money, but you’ll eliminate frustration and excuses that can often derail your workout.

Yes, the upfront cost may be more in the beginning, but think of it as a down payment towards building  your own personal Fortress of Solitude and the start of having the best workouts of your life.

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