We’re back and better than ever this week with our continuation into the world of plyometric training!

Last week we explained exactly what plyometrics are and how they can benefit your training, regardless if you’re a traditional weight lifter or a body weight enthusiast. Today we’ll delve a little deeper into the multitude of exercise options that plyometrics offers as well as point out a few of our favorites. So hang on, and see if you are ready to jump to new heights with plyos!

Types of Plyometric Exercises

So, you know that plyos are basically “jump training,” but that would be a gross understatement and oversimplification of the class of exercises. Plyometrics encompass several categories of training including:

  • Agility

    What to be nimble and quick on your feet? Agility training focuses on your ability to change directions quickly. This skill is especially crucial if you’re a wide receiver, tennis player, volleyball player, or parent chasing around a 2 year old!

    These exercises require us to be light on our feet and be able to turn and change direction at a moment’s notice.

    Examples of agility exercises include: ladder drills, the famous “3-cone drill” in football, or the dreaded “Shark Skills Drill.”

    In the Shark Skills Drill, start off by making a tape grid on the floor that is 3 feet x 3 feet divided into 9 equal squares. Now, number the surrounding squares 1 through 8, with the center being blank. Stand on one foot and hop to the first box and then return to the center, and repeat with the rest of the numbered boxes. After your initial run, get a friend to randomly call out sequences of numbers and see if you can keep up! Now switch feet and REPEAT!

  • Plyometric Pull Up

    Regular pull ups too easy? Try clapping in between each rep for a brutal challenge!

  • Power

    Here’s where things can get interesting. Many people think plyos are only for the lower body, when they are actually a fantastic way to work our upper bodies as well! Training for power will result in you being able to move a selected weight with the greatest force possible.

    These exercises will work on your overall explosiveness and have great potential to induce hypertrophy as they will call every single muscle fiber in your body to perform the exercise.

    Popular exercises that work on power include box jumps, broad jumps, bounds, and clapping or plyometric pushups.

    Say you’ve gotten really good at pull ups and can do 15-20 without breaking a sweat. Try doing a plyometric version were you pull yourself up explosively with your hands coming off the bar at the top, clapping your hands, and then grabbing the bar again on the way down, they repeating. We think you’ll find this rather challenging!

  • Speed

    “I feel the need, the need for SPEED!”

    Perhaps no finer quote was ever uttered in an 80’s movie than Tom Cruise in Top Gun. We all want to live life fast, hence our obsession with sports cars and instantaneous updates on news and life via social media.

    Plyometrics provide a great way to increase your speed, allowing you to run faster and just be all around better!

    Great examples of speed-oriented plyometric exercises include depth drops to standing long jumps, forward bounds, and hurdle jumps.

Top Picks!

Ok, so you now you know the various types of plyometric drills you can do, but what are some of the tops?

If it’s a lower body plyo session, start of with some of the agility drills to prime the CNS, get the heart pumping, and muscles warmed up. This will get you ready for some of the more intense work to come.

Next, transition to so more of the explosive movements such as box jumps, jump switch lunges, or broad jumps to really jack the heart rate up and push your muscles to the limit.

Note, that you don’t want to try and work speed and power on the same day. Your aim with plyometric training is to maximize every single rep by pushing as hard as you can. If you’re going all out on the box jumps and broad jumps, there’s no way you’ll be able to effectively train the speed exercises to truly reap all of the benefits.


Hopefully we’ve convinced you over the past couple of blogs of the many benefits that plyometrics possess. Whether you’re looking to run faster, jump higher, or increase the size of your muscles, plyos provide another tool in your arsenal in the war against the weights!

Give some of these a try, or leave a comment down below and let us know what some of your favorite exercises are!

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