Train with stronger people

Bad workouts happen to the best of us. Even sometimes get week-long slumps.

Occasionally, you need to throw in an extra couple days of rest and just reset things.

But if you’re having dismal workouts week after week, chances are that your decisions are mostly to blame.

And if that’s the case, then it’s up to you to make the right decisions and solve those problems without losing any gains.

So here’s a few reasons your workouts may have gotten stale and boring… and what to do about them:

  1. Your gym doesn’t fit your ethos

    Every gym has a different vibe, different clientele, different music, and different equipment.

    Are you at the wrong one?

    The Big Tex Gym in Austin, TX

    The Big Tex Gym in Austin, TX – A REAL lifter’s gym

    Take a quick look around – is this where you really want to spend over an hour every day?

    Are you making friends? Do you want to have anything to do with these people?

    Even if you work out with headphones, the best gym for you might be one where there are similar people around with similar goals and attitudes. You should be making at least a couple buddies in the gym. It’s okay to that, you know.

    I have been to probably 50 gyms in my life. Not a single one is the same (even the chains that we won’t talk about here).

    • One gym might have great cardio machines, but is terrible for deadlifting.
    • Some are full of amateurs who do nothing but curl right in front of the rack.
    • But others are just great for beast mode.

    Make sure you’re at the right place. A good gym (and thus a great workout) is worth a slightly further drive.

  2. Your music isn’t right

    RIP Ronnie James Dio

    RIP Ronnie

    What if I told you that the music you listen to in the car or at a party might not be your ideal lifting music?

    If you’re into rock at home maybe you need to step it up and go metal at the gym.

    Meanwhile, some people can’t focus while lyrical music is on – maybe you just want instrumentals?

    Still others just do better with pure silence.

    Whatever it is, if things aren’t working out for you, make a change and see what happens.

    Check out the PricePlow Heavy Metal Workout Playlist on Spotify

    Speaking of metal, now is also a good time for you to check out the PricePlow heavy metal playlist on Spotify. Feel free to suggest some more songs!

    Know your BPM for cardio

    Another note — if you’re doing cardio, you should also start figuring out the BPM (beats per minute) that you enjoy most. I’m into 160BPM.

  3. Your workout partner is incompatible… or you need a partner

    Caption this in the comments below!

    Caption this in the comments below!

    Finding a good workout partner is sometimes tougher than dating. But just like dating, it’s worth it when you find the right one.

    Is your workout partner really helping to make you better? Are you getting the motivation and workload done?

    Some guys have no problem being at the gym for 2 hours, taking 3 minute breaks between heavy sets, and talking a lot. But you might be a supersetter who’s got no time for that. Know who you’re compatible with, and have similar plans/goals.

    Meanwhile, you might think you enjoy working out alone with your headphones on, when in reality you need someone else pushing you.

  4. Your mindset is off and/or you have nothing to train for

    Maybe you’re not planning on competing at anything this year (or ever). Maybe you’re already in a relationship and you’re “sexy enough”.

    Whatever the excuse is, it sounds like you’re due for a change in mindset.

    Why not train for some kind of amateur event?

    If participation gets you to make gains, it's worth it

    If participation gets you to make gains, it’s worth it

    Even if it’s something simple like a 5k race, or you know you’ll get dead last place in a local powerlifting competition… why not? It will definitely put a fire under your ass and teach you a lot of new things.

    Competition drives mindset

    It’s tough to have the killer instinct mindset all the time. But if there’s one thing nearly all of us have in common, it’s that competition elevates our games.

    So figure out a way to get some new external motivation to fuel your internal mindset.

    Maybe it’s the time of your workout

    Work out when you're in mental beast mode

    Work out when you’re in mental beast mode

    Another thing on mindset: We all have different circadian rhythms. There are certain times of the day when we’re at our best. I’m a morning person, but you might be a nighttime person. Meanwhile, others finally come to life in the afternoon.

    Is there a way you can align your workout for when you’re sharpest and most motivated?

    If you’re a morning person, why aren’t you working out in the mornings? If you’re a night owl, can you consistently blast a good one at 9pm? Don’t waste your finest brain-hours watching TV.

    If your time isn’t working for you, it’s time to try a different one.

  5. Your diet is holding you back

    Are you keeping track of your macronutrients with a calorie counter? Are you weighing your food?

    Do you have enough carbs in your body when you’re working out? Or do you know you have killer fasted (empty stomach) workouts?

    You should know these things for optimal performance.

    MCTs assist with energy production

    MCTs assist with energy production

    Meanwhile, are you getting enough saturated fat in? So many people don’t, yet it can help play a role in your testosterone production and medium chain triglycerides (usually from coconut oil or MCT oil) can be metabolized as energy for workouts.

    And how about your micro-nutrients? Are you eating your leafy, colorful veggies? It’s amazing how much better we feel when we do.

    This isn’t a post on diet, but the point is, if you’re not tracking yours, then you’re flying blind. Spend some effort measuring your diet and you’ll likely notice some crazy trends and patterns.

    This is probably the most important item on this list, but the last thing people will adjust. Do it!

  6. Bonus: You’re using the wrong pre workout supplement.

    We all love pre workouts, but while some are great for pumps, they’re not so great for focus.

    The Nitramine Benefits

    They’re not lying when they say RAZOR sharp mental focus in Nitramine

    Even those that hvae tons of energy from caffeine aren’t necessarily good for focus.

    In fact, too much caffeine does the opposite and makes you unfocused.

    If you’re drifting off into never-never land during your workouts, take a look at your pre-workout’s label. Are there any nootropic mental enhancers like choline (preferably citicoline / choline CDP) or huperzine A?

    If you haven’t experienced ingredients like these, then we invite you to try Nitramine out.

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