Nitramine Ingredients

Nitramine Ingredients

When formulating Nitramine, Myokem chose an extremely unique mix of research-backed ingredients.  Looking at the profile, it was designed with four goals in mind:

  • Improve Strength
  • Boost endurance / reduce fatigue / speed-up recovery
  • Enhance pumps and blood flow
  • Catalyze laser-like focus
  • Provide clean energy

We start from top to bottom, but this is definitely not a situation where the last ingredients are least important.  The focus provided by Nitramine is what everyone’s talking about.  To skip to that section, click here.  Otherwise, read on:

Goal: Improve Strength

Trimethylglycine TMG (2000mg)

Trimethylglycine (TMG), otherwise known as betaine, is a potent anabolic catalyst which is most commonly derived from sugar beets.[1,2] It has been suggested that TMG promotes anabolism and increases protein synthesis by signaling anabolic hormones such as growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1).[2]

Research has proven trimethylglycine to be suitable for improving body composition because of its ability to promote fat loss and increase lean mass.[3] It’s particularly valuable for athletes because it can reduce fatigue, improve endurance, and increase strength.[4,5,6,7] TMG is also great for maintaining cellular hydration which leads to longer lasting pumps.[8]

Due to successful the new research that has been done on trained athletes like you and me, you’ll be seeing more of this ingredient in other supplements over the next few years.  If you heard it hear first, it won’t be the last.  Note that 2g is a serious dose, and you should have no problem making strength gains with Nitramine if your diet is consistent.

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More information is available on our betaine page.

Goal: Reduce Fatigue / enhance recovery:

Beta Alanine (1600mg)

Beta alanine is an amino acid which the body uses as a building block to produce carnosine.[9,10] Increased levels of carnosine have been linked to improved physical performance in both trained and untrained individuals.[10,11,12] It has also been documented that carnosine acts as a PH buffer which helps eliminate fatigue caused by lactic acid buildup in the muscles.[12]

You can read more at our beta alanine write-up

L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate (LCLT – 1000mg)

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate Reduces Recovery

In one study[37], Creatine Kinase (CK) was used to measure soreness and “tissue disruption”. LCLT significantly reduces it!

L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate (LCLT) is one of several forms of carnitine, and is our favorite one when it comes to strength and weight training. Carnitine is an antioxidant that gets used to turn fat into energy.[13] Numerous studies have demonstrated carnitine’s fitness related benefits, which include: improved recovery time, decrease in muscle degradation, and reduced soreness.[14,15,16,17,18]

It is widely believed that LCLT works by attenuating catabolic proteins such as MuRF1.[15,16,17]

More information available on our discussion about L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

Goal: Enhance Nitric Oxide Pumps and Blood Flow

Agmatine Sulfate (500mg)

Agmatine is derived from L-arginine through a process called decarboxylation. It has neuroprotective properties and is considered both a neuromodulator and a co-neurotransmitter. There are some indications that it may act as a nootropic because of its cognitive enhancing qualities.[19]

There is also evidence that agmatine vicariously provides a nutrient partitioning effect because it causes an increase in secretion of β-endorphin (beta endorphin).[20] β-endorphin causes an increase in glucose uptake within skeletal muscle.[21] Its most amazing benefit might be its ability to release luteinizing hormone (LH).[22] LH causes the body to produce testosterone.[23] It has been noted that it’s wise to supplement with agmatine because it’s unrealistic to try to obtain adequate amounts through diet alone.[19]

All science aside, agmatine sulfate is what’s responsible for the skin-throbbing pumps from Nitramine.  Combined with the intense focus that you’ll get on every rep (see next section), you will notice some immediate changes to your muscles.

Goal: Catalyze Laser-Like Focus

When it comes to the focus ingredients below, the most important thing to note is the quality and quantity of these ingredients.  The two ingredients below are not cheap by any means.

Rather than use lower dosages of cheaper ingredients, Myokem has opted to throw their money into this one.  It’s something that every single reviewer has felt, and is truly what makes this product stand out.

Citicoline Sodium

Citicoline or CDP-Choline is an extremely bio-available nootropic compound. When taken orally it crosses the blood brain barrier, effectively impacting the central nervous system (CNS). The effects are rather profound, it stimulates the CNS to produce noradrenaline and dopamine. It also improves learning and memory in people with “common” age related cognitive decline.[35]

This is the primary focus booster, and while it’s far more expensive than other forms of choline (such as choline bitartrate or choline citrate), it provides mental stimulation far beyond those forms.  This is money well spent.

You can read more details on our page about citicoline.

Huperzine A

This underrated compound is quite potent, it belongs to the same family of chemicals as cocaine and caffeine, known as alkaloids. It’s often sold over the counter as a “brain booster” because of its ability to improve mental function. Research suggests that it can improve memory related skills, and it is commonly used to treat major brain diseases and other similar conditions.[48,49,50]

Once again, the problem with Huperzine A is that it’s incredibly expensive.  As in, roughly $2000 per kilogram expensive.  So most formulas, at best, will provide ~0.1-.5g.

We unfortunately don’t know how much Huperzine is in Nitramine, but Myokem has told us that it’s definitely better than what those other formulas provide “at best”, meaning there’s at least more than 2g in there.  Combined with the citicoline, it’s clearly made a difference for most users.

Note: You can read more about this incredible difference-maker on our Huperzine A page.

Goal: Provide clean energy

Caffeine Anhydrous (150mg)

Get a free sample of Nitramine here!

Get a free sample of Nitramine here!

Caffeine is the most widely used drug in the world.[24] It is regarded as a stimulant, but it also offers cognitive benefits such as: improved reaction time, focus, concentration, and short term memory.[25,26] Caffeine is also effective at increasing muscular endurance during high intensity exercises.[27,28] Additionally, there are studies indicating that caffeine can increase overall power and strength.[28,29,30]

On a side note, it’s worth it to mention that caffeine anhydrous has been reported to provide more of an ergogenic effect when compared to just drinking coffee.[27]

150mg per scoop is actually a relatively light dose, considering that this is typically a one-scoop product.  If you’re used to 200-300mg of caffeine (or more) in other pre workouts, you should still start at just one scoop here.  Trust us on this one – this is a potent product and it proves that you don’t need tons of caffeine to feel it.

More caffeine doesn’t lead to better performance, just side effects.  Avoid them by using a well-formulated product in Nitramine.


In Nitramine’s ingredient profile, the primary role of L-theanine is to take the “edge” off of the other stimulants.  With it, there are no jitters, no crash, and no anxiety — allowing the focus system to do its job without any interference.


Theobromine is the active component in cacao, or chocolate. Similar to caffeine, it falls under the family of compounds known as methylxanthines. Methylxanthines are easily able to cross the blood brain barrier, where they positively affect the CNS to improve mood, promote arousal, and enhance concentration.

Theobromine has also been proven to help aid in fat loss because it is an adenosine antagonist. Adenosine antagonists are capable of stimulating lipolysis. Furthermore, it can successfully improve lung function by acting as a bronchodilator.[36]

Higenamine HCI

Higenamine sometimes referred to as norcoclaurine, is classified as a β-agonist, which means it assists in burning fat.[37] It has positive inotropic properties, so it also potentially stimulates and strengthens cardiac activity.[38,39] It also lessens cough by relaxing the trachea and improves lung function because it is a bronchodilator.[40,41] To top it all off, there is evidence that higenamine promotes fat loss because it induces lipolysis.[37]

Hordenine HCI

Hordenine is a compound present in many grains and grasses, such as sprouted barley. It acts as a stimulant, because it helps the body release existing stores of norepinephrine.[42,43]

N-methyl-Tyramine HCI

N-methyl-Tyramine (NMT) is an α-antagonist, or αblocker.[44] αblockers assist in fat loss because they kick-start lipolysis.[45] They also act as stimulants because they can cause the release of noradrenaline.[46] Additionally, there is evidence that NMT stimulates the digestive system.[47]

Black Pepper (standardized to min. 99% piperine)

The Nitramine Ingredient Benefits

The Nitramine benefits… label says it all!

Black pepper is an functional food with antioxidant, anti-tumor, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Its active ingredient piperine improves cognitive function and enhances nutrient absorption.[51]

The main reason piperine has been added to Nitramine is that it is an absorption-enhancer for the other ingredients, including the stimulants.

Rauwolfia Vomitoria (rauwolscine)

Rauwolfia vomitoria contains a potent αblocker called rauwolscine. Rauwolscine is often referred to as alpha yohimbine.[52] Much like NMT, and other αblockers, it acts as a stimulant and aids in fat loss.[46,47]


At a first glance, Nitramine can be viewed in a few ways.  One person might say that it has a lot of ingredients, another might say that it’s not enough because the High Energy Blend only has 482mg.

The trick is that the formula is so well-balanced that you don’t need much caffeine, because the focus enhancers are of such high quality.  You will feel this — again, stick to one scoop (or even less) when first taking it.  It’s that potent of a product.

Meanwhile, everyone is seeing incredible strength gains, and ferocious pumps, thanks to the combination of a high dosage of betaine alongside the agmatine.  Myokem did an excellent job using betaine and the high quality choline and huperzine dosages to set Nitramine apart from the competition.


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