Nitramine Pre Workout with Rauwolscine

Caffeine, glorious caffeine, is as well-known to the human race as eating and sleeping. It’s everywhere, from coffee to sodas to tea to protein powder!

We all know it as our regular morning “pick me up,” but did you know this puppy packs some serious fitness benefits as well? Read on to see the what caffeine can do and how it provides the backbone to Nitramine…

What is caffeine?

As if you really needed an explanation on this, but we’ll elaborate a little more for those who aren’t mainlining coffee morning, noon, and night.

Caffeine is a potent stimulatory compound extracted from coffee beans but can also be synthetically created in a laboratory setting. Chemically known as 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, caffeine exerts its energy-boosting effects by antagonizing adenosine receptors. Adenosine is responsible for relaxation and sedation. By impairing these receptors, caffeine causes you to be awake and alert.


Caffeine’s primary mechanism of action is as an antagonist of adenosine receptors in the brain. Image courtesy WikiMedia Commons

Au Natural

Caffeine is an all-natural compound that exists in a number of plants aside from the well-known coffee bean. A number of different tea leaves contain caffeine as does cocoa, Kola nut, Yerba mate, and Guarana.

What are caffeine’s performance benefits?

Ok, so you know that caffeine makes you more alert and will keep you awake if you drink it too late at night, but you may not know how it fuels and enhances your workouts. Sure it will give you the initial jolt of energy you need to get going, but also:

  • Improved endurance

    When administered caffeine before endurance events, a group of endurance athletes saw an average increase in performance by 3.3%, with some even seeing an improvement up to 17%![1]

  • Increased strength and power

    Caffeine Power

    Get extra power from your caffeine. This is Amin Shahry, natural bodybuilder

    Not only has caffeine been shown to increase power output for those attempting to increase their 1-rep max[2], but also showed hypertrophy improvements as well. When lifting in the 6-12 rep range (hypertrophy training range), lifters saw a 12% increase in overall work volume.[2]

    We all know that in order for muscle to grow, it has to constantly be challenged with more volume or more weight and supplementing with caffeine helps us accomplish both of these goals!

  • Decreased fatigue

    Not only does caffeine increase how long you workout or how much weight you can move, but it also reduces the amount of fatigue you experience. Rate of perceived exertion (fatigue) was reduced by an average of 6%.[3]

  • Decreased Soreness

    Coupled with training harder and longer will inevitably lead to some major soreness. Not so with almighty caffeine. The dreaded DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) which so many of us have experienced after a brutal leg day can be offset when adding caffeine to our supplement arsenal.[4]

  • Focus Booster

    Here’s where caffeine can really shine! When we workout early in the morning or after a long day of work, the hardest thing can be to drag yourself to the gym and get motivated to crush the weights.

    Caffeine is a real savior here as it helps off these negative effects, increasing your desire to workout and give you that “tunnel-vision” focus to stay locked in for the duration of your training session.[5]

  • Fat Burner

    No we’re not making this up, in addition to all the other benefits we’ve already expounded upon, caffeine also helps you shed those unwanted pounds. Caffeine is a potent thermogenic agent and helps the body to oxidize its existing fat stores.[7]

    So whether you’re looking to build muscle or burn some goo, caffeine fits into your prescription for a fine physique!

  • Man-Maker!

    Work out when you're in mental beast mode

    Work out when you’re in mental beast mode

    This is more for our male audience, but aside from all the fitness related perks associated with caffeine, it can increase your “manliness.” Testosterone levels have been shown to increase by as much as 15% when administered to trained athletes![6]


Newbies to consuming caffeine can start to feel its effects with as little as 20mg per dose and can eventually build up from there. Regular users of caffeine will more than likely need more and can increase the amount up to 200mg to maximize the benefits.

Going on this track, you may be inclined to think “more is better.” Not so, when going above and beyond the 400mg threshold, performance benefits start to decrease and cortisol levels increase.[4] This in particular is detrimental. Not only are we not able to work out harder or longer, but cortisol is a catabolic hormone, meaning when its elevated, its causes your body to breakdown its own muscle…leading not to GAINS but LOSSES!

Bottom line, be smart with your caffeine dosing and you can reap all its rewards!

What’s it doing in Nitramine?

Let’s recap… improved endurance, increased strength, decreased soreness/fatigue, focus-enhancer, fat burner AND test booster… hmmm! Half of those benefits would be sufficient for any supplement to warrant making it a staple, let alone all of them.

Caffeine is part of Nitramine’s High Energy Matrix dosed at 150mg per serving. That’s the sweet spot for caffeine where you won’t feel cracked out or trying to run through walls, but will have a smooth, constant surge of energy. Couple this with supreme focus and motivation and you’ve got the makings of one bad ass pre workout.


Nitramine Pre Workout with Rauwolscine

Try the Nitramine Pre Workout today! This is Myokem athlete @NikkyFitness

If you’re not convinced already of caffeine’s benefits in your life, just wait until you give it a shot yourself.

Nitramine: A safe 150mg caffeine per serving

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