Many of our favorite stimulants are related but when we get hordenine directly, the main two benefits surface more distinctly

Hordenine is a compound that’s found in various foods that is often used for two major reasons:

  • Potential energy-releasing, fat burning effects
  • Mood improvement and motivation

While it exerts its own effects as a mild stimulant, it’s actually most frequently used as a supplement to lengthen the feel-good effect of other dopamine-releasing ingredients.

In the case the award-winning Myokem Nitramine pre workout supplement, both of the above use cases apply.

What is hordenine?

Scientifically known as N,N-dimethyltryamine, it is a molecule that exerts adrenergic effects[1], which means it induces the central nervous system into releasing minor amounts of adrenaline (epinephrine) or noradrenaline (norepinephrine).[2] This process creates a thermogenic chain reaction that ultimately releases stored fatty acids for energy use.[3]

It’s related to the amino acid l-tyrosine’s derivative, tyramine, as well as N-methyltyramine, which is another ingredient in Nitramine.

Natural sources

Hordenine was originally discovered in sprouted barley[1,4,5], but is also found in bitter orange[6,7] (the plant that’s most popular for a different constituent, synephrine), galanthus plants[8], and a half dozen other families of flowers.

However, it’s only noticeable when taken supplementally, and is typically used in low doses yet paired with other ingredients, as explained below.

What are the benefits?

As an adrenergic compound, hordenine poses some fat burning effects on its own,[3] which is reason enough to include it in some thermogenic fat burners and pre workout supplements. However, it’s the synergy with other ingredients that makes it most impressive.

Noradrenaline reuptake inhibition

The first impressive thing that hordenine does is behave as a noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor.[9,10] This means that it slows the reabsorption of the said neurotransmitter (noradrenaline), which then leads to a longer-lasting amount of time in which the noradrenaline is active.

The Nitramine Ingredient Benefits

From the Nitramine label. Razor-sharp mental focus puts it lightly

These effects are commonly desired by those who are seeking to remain focused for longer periods of time. Although there are certain synthetic chemicals that exert this effect in a very strong way, the use of low doses of hordenine is a mild and natural method of keeping noradrenaline – and thus the focus and energy – around just a little bit longer to power your workout.

These focusing effects are exactly what Myokem was looking for when they created the High Energy Matrix in Nitramine, which is a focus-driven pre workout supplement.

The natural way in which the hordenine acts as a mild noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor is also connected to other benefits that stay on the safe side:

Metabolization by MAO-B

Hordenine is metabolized by MAO-B – Monoamine Oxidase subset B. Because of this, it acts a bit like a “MAO Inhibitor”, due to it taking some of MAO-B’s bandwidth.[9]

MAO-B is normally associated with keeping dopamine levels regulated. With MAO-B temporarily taken up, it allows your dopamine levels to elevate a bit, which leads to a better mood and “motivated” feeling.

Once the hordenine has been metabolized (via deamination), things go back to normal – but at that point, the Nitramine’s already had time to give you a jolt of euphoric motivation, and you will be well on your way to a great workout.

Also, a quick bit of good news: by being metabolized by MAO-B rather than MAO-A, hordenine works in a safer capacity than other compounds that perform similar tasks. This avoids the “cheese effect”, which means that “MAO-B can be elicited without dangerous pressor reaction.”[11]

Noradrenaline Reuptake

The Noradrenaline Reuptake Process

Simply put: hordenine is a great way to keep noradrenaline around without creating a situation of hypertension, or high blood pressure.


As you can see, hordenine is quite an advanced supplement, and there are unfortunately not a lot of dosage-related studies. It’s most recommended that you do not self-prescribe this supplement, and stick to what’s provided by trusted supplement companies such as Myokem.

Due to its MAO inhibition, it is never to be mixed with any prescription drugs. Regardless, users should always contact their doctor and get written consent before beginning any new supplementation program.

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