Everyone who’s tried the Nitramine pre workout supplement by Myokem is talking about the intense focus that it brings, so we had to find its main differentiators.

The four ingredients that operate on focus are citicoline (Choline CDP), caffeine, yohimbe, and huperzine A.

Myokem’s CEO told us is that the dosage of huperzine A exceeds what’s normally found in pre workouts.  Typically, they have 0.2-1mg… at best.  He won’t state what’s in Nitramine, but says it’s definitely better than that.

Since this is potentially a major differentiator in the pre workout, we had to research what it’s doing.  But first, we need to understand the why before the how.

Keep your choline

Huperzine A Acetylcholinesterase Activity

To put it simply, Huperzine A is one of the locks that is stopping Acetylcholinesterase from gobbling up your choline

It’s all about choline.  This essential nutrient is required for a plethora of functions in your brain and body.  Choline is the precursor to a neurotransmitter named acetylcholine, which plays massive roles in your intelligence, mood, and even memory storage.[1]

It’s known as the learning neurotransmitter and also supports muscular contraction.[2]

Although your body can synthesize acetylcholine, it’s just not enough for many of us.  When you don’t have enough, your body needs to break down certain cell membranes to get it, causing a chain reaction of negative consequences.  On the other hand, when you have extra, a positive chain reaction occurs, which we’ll discuss in a future article.

Since many athletes get depleted of their choline too quickly, we need to keep our stores fresh.  This presents us with two options:

  1. Add more choline (via supplementation / diet)
  2. Stop breaking down the choline

Huperzine A comes in for the second of these two options – it’s a choline keeper.

How Huperzine A Works

This incredible supplement is known as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor — meaning it slows the enzyme (acetylcholinesterase) from doing its job — breaking down your acetylcholine.  This then results in an indirect increase in acetylcholine.[3]

More specifically, it inhibits the G4 isoform of acetylcholine, which has implications in major brain diseases.[4]

Huperzine A Benefits

Beyond the benefits of the cholinergenic activity mentioned above, Huperzine A is showing promise in doing far more:

Promotion of New Cells

One interesting study performed on mice in 2013 showed huperzine A was able to promote neurogenesis in the hippocampus.  This means that it enhanced cell proliferation — increasing the number of brain cells![5]

It’s important to note that these results were based upon injections, and in mice, but it worked both in vivo and in vitro (in the test tube and in real life), so there’s some serious promise to this supplement.

Neuroprotective activity

In addition, it is neuroprotective against a few other compounds, including glutamate (which can cause neuronal cell death).[6]

Any Side Effects?

There’s good news and bad news here:  The good news is that it takes a ridiculously expensive amount to promote any form of toxicity in rats.  For instance, 4mg per kilogram of female rat bodyweight and even more in males, and it took a long time to build up.[7]

We don’t even get entire doses that large, let alone in the per-kg ratios mentioned above.

That said, the bad news is that there is no human toxicity data out there – so it’s unclear what our true upper limits would be.  What we know is that no side effects have been noted in human-based studies, and the dosages applied to mice would cost more than anybody’s willing to spend to determine on humans. This is discussed below.

Typical Huperzine A dosages

Typically, users will supplement 50-200mcg (micrograms) each day, but as mentioned above, it seems very safe and non-toxic.

When taken orally, it begins to show up 15-20 minutes later, and peaks roughly 80 minutes after it is taken[8] — can you say perfect for a pre workout?!

That said, if using huperzine A, we recommend slowly building up tolerance – this advice goes for Nitramine as well, which contains several other stimulants and cholinergenics.

We also definitely don’t recommend adding more of this ingredient to Nitramine – it doesn’t need any more, and would be a waste of money.

So why isn’t this stuff more popular?

The Synthesis of Huperzine A

The Synthesis of Huperzine A, in case you felt like baking… not such a simple process.

The reason other pre workout supplement manufacturers underdose it, or ignore it completely, is because it’s prohibitively expensive — at around $2000 per kg as we write this.

This is a major reason why Nitramine isn’t the cheapest pre workout on the block, and we think it was a business decision that was well worth the risk — it works and nobody else is doing it.

Is it worth the money to have such extremely focused workouts?  That’s between you and your wallet… but after being a half tub in, we are far beyond convinced that it is well worth it.

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