Myokem athlete, chase_the_pumps (Kevin Bogdan) uses L-Carnitine L-Tartrate in every dose of Nitramine

Myokem athlete, chase_the_pumps (Kevin Bogdan), gets LCLT in every time he uses Nitramine

You probably recognize the amino acid L-Carnitine, which is naturally-occurring in your body and involved in hundreds of processes. The general form of L-Carnitine is also marketed as a weight loss supplement, but unless you’re deficient in it, it’s not that great for burning fat.[1]

It turns out that the best forms of L-Carnitine are its subcompounds, each of which targets specific jobs after your body converts it from regular L-Carnitine.

So when you’re looking to supplement with it, you’ll want the right form:

Types of L-Carnitine

  1. L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (LCLT)

    Best for muscle recovery and improved function of your androgen receptors.[2] This is the basis of this blog post, because this one is all about building muscle.

  2. Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR)

    Best for cognitive focus and anti-aging.[3]

  3. Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine (GPLC)

    Improve blood flow and used for a nitric oxide boost, although other ingredients seem better.

  4. Propionyl L-Carnitine (PLCAR)

    Best for metabolism and fat burning (more recent research needed).[4]

LCLT – Our favorite form for muscle growth

But on this site, we’re here to work out hard and build lean muscle mass. Myokem has chosen to use 1g of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate in the Nitramine pre workout supplement, and with good reason.

LCLT is L-Carnitine bound to tartaric acid. It has a rapid absorption rate, which makes it great to use pre workout.[5] With it, you get the following crucial benefits, and you get them fast:

  1. Reduced Soreness

    Myokem athlete, chase_the_pumps (Kevin Bogdan) dealt with less soreness after his big win

    Kevin dealt with less soreness after his big win at the Fox Cities Showdown

    One study had resistance-trained men take 2g of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate for 3 weeks. Nearly every single marker of bodily stress and soreness went down: creatine kinase, fatty acid binding protein, and myoglobin.[6,7]

    Both 1g and 2g dosages were good at reducing soreness, as shown by another team of researchers.[8] This is good to know, since that is the dose in 1 serving of Nitramine (which is definitely a 1-serving product).

  2. Improved Oxygen Flow to Muscle

    Another study showed that LCLT enhanced the oxygenation of post-workout muscle tissue, which improved it during sprint work.[7]

    This study may help explain why the soreness and soreness markers are down. Our main concern is that we can do more work with less time in less time with less soreness. These results couple well with another Nitramine ingredient, betaine.

    With a proper diet high in protein, you’re set for gains.

  3. Increase the density of androgen receptors

    The L-Carnitine L-Tartrate Molecule

    The L-Carnitine L-Tartrate Molecule

    In just 21 days, 2g of the tartrate form of L-Carnitine was shown to improve androgen receptor density in muscle.[12]

    While this alone won’t necessarily boost your testosterone levels, it may definitely do so indirectly if you were running out of binding sites and weren’t getting everything you could out of yourself.

    If you’re on a natural testosterone booster or are using Myokem’s new anabolic supplement, Magnitropin, Nitramine is perfect to stack alongside it for this LCLT benefit alone!

  4. Boosted Growth Hormone

    Once again, 3 weeks of 2g LCLT per day increased IGF-3 when used during exercise (as we do in this situation).[6]

    This might also boost IGF-1 and IGF-2, and may also be linked to the improved recovery response that users get from taking this supplement.

  5. It keeps working post-exercise (in burning fat)

    Although LCLT didn’t appear to boost fat burning or glucose oxidation in rats during exercise,[9,10] post-exercise, fat oxidation trended a bit higher than normal.[11]

    This is one of the several reasons that Nitramine users are noting a leaner physique after a month’s worth of use – combine this with the several incredible thermogenic, fat burning compounds, and you have a pre workout supplement that does more than just give you killer workouts.

Is there anything L-Carnitine L-Tartrate can’t do?

Given the evidence above, it’s safe to say that including LCLT in a pre workout supplement seems like a no brainer. It provides a plethora of benefits related to everything we want from running a pre workout.

So take a look at your pre workout. Is it in there?

Chances are it’s not.

Why don’t more pre workouts use LCLT?

Myokem Nitramine: Get ready for the workout of your life. We'll prove it with a free sample.

Get ready for the workout of your life. We’ll prove it with a free sample.

Our guess is that it’s because many of the LCLT benefits aren’t exactly for “this workout, effective immediately“. It’s helpful, no doubt, but this is actually an ingredient that makes you perform way better in tomorrow’s workout!

Too many companies think short term with their supplements. But not Myokem.

Nitramine is not just for one great workout. You can get a free sample here and we’re sure you’ll love it, but that’s not the real point of this product.

Nitramine is meant to be used consistently for 4-8 weeks. A few weeks in, you’ll really start noticing the benefits that are discussed here and elsewhere on this site.

And at that point, you’ll be as hooked as we are.

Ready for the workout of your life?

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