Theobromine Psychological Research

Theobromine is a compound extracted from cocoa, tea, and a number of other foods that belongs to the same family as caffeine.

As a supplement, it has a similar effect to caffeine on your central nervous system, but functions in a lesser capacity, and has some unique properties that make it very synergistic with caffeine.

Theobromine’s Effects and Benefits

Theobromine behaves more subtly than caffeine. It is postulated that together, these two ingredients fuel our liking for chocolate[1], which some of us even claim to be an “addiction”.

One study showed that it took roughly 560mg of theobromine for subjects to discriminate something “different” on its own, meaning that it can be estimated to be about 10% the strength of caffeine from an untrained human’s standpoint.[2]

Theobromine Antitussive Effect

This image was taken from a patent application, and is NOT the half-life, but shows that the effects are quite long-lasting.[3]

Most supplements, including Nitramine, do not use this much, as it is added to the other ingredients for synergy and not used on its own.

Longer-lasting energy

The main purpose of including this in the Nitramine pre workout supplement is to “elongate” the energy received from caffeine: Theobromine has a 7 to 12 hour half-life (depending on the subject’s metabolism), while caffeine is only 2.5 to 5 hours.[4]

This means that long after the caffeine is done, you won’t be crashing because the theobromine will still be exerting its stimulant-like effects.

In fact, the peak of theobromine’s actions are right at the half-life of caffeine’s – making them a perfect energy trade-off. As one is dwindling, the other is starting to peak.

Lower blood pressure

When it was discovered that cocoa-rich products lowered blood pressure, scientists went on to study that theobromine was partially responsible.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study on 42 healthy men tested a chocolate milk drink with no more theobromine added, and another one with nearly a gram (a very large amount) added. The placebo did not change much, but the higher-dose subjects had significantly lowered systolic blood pressure.[5]

This is incredibly useful when supplementing alongside other stimulants in a pre workout situation – lower blood pressure alleviates some of the mechanisms of the other ingredients, while increasing blood flow for better blood delivery (and pumps).

Lesser, but interesting effects on Mood

A very unique note is that the Baggot study[4] found that theobromine increased scores of “Wanting” at moderate dosages of 250mg, but not of “Liking” or a feeling of “Highness”. At very high doses (500-1000mg), it actually increased ratings of “Dislike”.

While those dosages are beyond what’s in Nitramine, it shows something unique: this ingredient can fire you up for a workout. If there are two things we need, it’s motivation and the killer instinct. Slightly higher feelings of wanting are exactly what some of us need.

Theobromine Psychological Research

You won’t feel as “high” from it as you do with caffeine, but it sure can make you want to kill a workout[4]

Like every other comparison between the two ingredients, caffeine scores much higher on these types of tests.

Cognition and alerting

It takes very high dosages of theobromine to score higher cognitive and alert scores. Thankfully, that’s not why it’s used here – nearly every other ingredient in Nitramine’s High-Energy Matrix improves cognition. The real reason it’s here is for that nice, long half-life.

Scientific background

Theobromine is popular in chocolate

Keep away from dogs!

Formerly known as xantheose, theobromine is a bitter alkaloid classified as a xanthine alkaloid (in the same family as caffeine and theophylline).

Despite its name, there is no bromine in it – the naming is derived from Greek origins that have nothing to do with bromine, and more to do with “food of the Gods”.

Interesting note on dog safety

As you’re likely aware, chocolate is poisonous to dogs. This is actually due to the theobromine in chocolate — not the caffeine — so you are best to keep any supplement with this ingredient far, far away from dogs (as well as any other supplement).[6]

Give it a shot with the Nitramine pre workout

Myokem Nitramine is an extremely popular pre workout supplement that gives incredible, laser-like focus. Although theobromine doesn’t directly provide much of that focus, it prevents the caffeine crash that so many other pre workout supplements give you.

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