Myokem is now a Supplement Reviews Trusted Brand

Myokem is now the #1 Supplement Reviews Trusted Brand

This week, 2014’s hottest sports nutrition brand, Myokem, was named the #1 most trusted brand on[1]

This is an incredible accolade, since the following criteria must be met:

  1. The brand must have a 7.0/10 or higher brand score, placing them in the top 10% of all brands.
  2. The brand must not have any suspicious activity discovered.
  3. They need at least 4 of 6 “green check marks” on their brand page’s “About” section, which includes having a SupplementReviews board representative, participating in their Expert Reviewer program, and having been thoroughly reviewed by SupplementReviews themselves.
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Read about Myokem’s incredible supplements below

Myokem has done this and more. If you’re new to them, here is their current product mix:

It all started with the Nitramine pre workout

Myokem Nitramine: Get ready for the workout of your life. We'll prove it with a free sample.

Get ready for the workout of your life. We’ll prove it with a free sample.

Myokem first stormed the scene with the hit pre workout supplement, Nitramine. Nitramine is a focus- and energy-based pre workout that puts users in the zone, delivering incredible workouts and cardio sessions every single time.

On this site, you can read everything you need to know about Nitramine, including where to find the best deal, free sample opportunities, and an analysis of the ingredients.

But Myokem didn’t just stop at Nitramine. It takes more than one supplement to become the internet’s most trusted brand.

Pyroxamine: Nitramine’s sister supplement for weight loss


Feeling foggy from your diet? You need to feel Pyroxamine

The next release was Pyroxamine, a thermogenic fat burner that utilizes the same High-Energy Matrix that gives Nitramine so much energy and focus, but adds additional fat-burning and cardiovascular system boosting ingredients designed to help you with weight loss.

The reason Pyroxamine has become so popular is because dieting often makes us “foggy” and unfocused, but the High-Energy Matrix keeps dieters on their A-game all day long. Thanks to the focus factors and the thermogenic ingredients like the grains of paradise, it provides an excellent feel that won’t let you zone out of your diet.

You can see for more information, including free samples and the best price.

Myokem couldn’t stop there, though. Weight loss is great, but they needed something for those of us who want to build muscle:

The Magnitropin Anabolic Supplement


The best all-natural muscle-builder is here, and it’s impressive.

The next two offerings from Myokem sealed the deal – once these hit the market, the company was well on its way to being a top contender.

Magnitropin is an all-natural anabolic supplement that helps you build muscle in four ways:

  1. It contains (-)-Epicatechin, the anabolic muscle-builder
  2. It makes you hungry, thanks to Gentiana Lutea Extract, allowing you to eat far more than normal.
  3. It boosts testosterone levels with Paederia Foetida Extract, which also acts as an aphrodisiac and ups your alpha game in all manners
  4. It boosts your muscular endurance and prevents muscle damage with Cistanche Deserticola Extract

The gains users are having, like with Mick’s log on PricePlow, have been nothing short of phenomenal. Mick gained 9lbs of muscle in his first 3 weeks!

You can read more about Magnitropin on the PricePlow blog, or find the best deal here.[2]

Alphadex: The Estrogen Inhibitor

Finally, Myokem put together an advanced supplement for athletes and competitors who need to keep estrogen levels lower. This is the strongest all-natural estrogen inhibitor on the market.

By controlling your estrogen levels, Alphadex keeps your muscle lean and hard, boosts strength, and balances out your hormonal levels. Get rid of the “bad” estrogens and keep the good hormones aligned. To read more and compare prices, see the Alphadex page on PricePlow.

2015 Rumors

Rumor has it that Myokem is slated for a big year. Stay tuned to the Nitramine blog or Myokem’s Facebook for more information!

Ready for the workout of your life?

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