Myokem’s all-natural muscle-builder is here, and it’s impressive. Click the image to to go to the best deal.

Myokem took the nutrition and fitness industry by storm with their focus-driven pre workout supplement, Nitramine. It turns out that was only the tip of the iceberg.

The latest and greatest release from the hottest supplement company of 2014 is Magnitropin, an all-natural anabolic muscle-building supplement that is seriously turning heads. Below, you can see why:

Results first, discussion second

First, let’s cut to the chase and show you some pics going down over on the PricePlow Blog.[1]

Mick has been running Magnitropin, and is loving it. But the craziest thing is that the pictures below are only from three weeks of use – he’s still got another week to go!!

Mick's Before Magnitropin Picture

Mick’s Before Magnitropin Picture – 169lbs

Mick's Magnitropin After Pictures

After 3 Weeks – 178lbs (up 9lbs!)

This is no joke. You can click the images for close-ups.

Mick is following a bodybuilding-esque workout, and didn’t tell his workout partner. During his third week, his partner commented on his progress – meaning these gains are externally noticeable (as if we needed to mention that).

You can read Mick’s log starting at his intro on PricePlow[1], but the key takeaways are:

  1. His hunger is up dramatically
  2. He’s having incredible pumps at all hours of the day
  3. Even with a diet that’s not perfect, he’s up 9lbs and looking far more muscular

What’s in this stuff? The ingredients

There are four main ingredients:

  1. (-)-Epicatechin

    Magnitropin Ingredients

    The Magnitropin Ingredient Label

    Epicatechin comes from cocoa beans, and is definitely the “next big thing”. The industry is always finding unique properties from cocoa, but this one seems far more impressive than the others.

    The biggest effect is that it functions as a myostatin inhibitor. Stopping myostatin is considered a holy grail of muscle-building, as it is a protein that slows muscle growth.

    One human study showed that myostatin levels decreased while follistatin levels increased to significant levels with epicatechin.[3]

    When applying this ingredient to hardcore training, what you see above is what happens.

    It also functions to improve endurance, nitric oxide levels, and has some nice antioxidant effects.[4,5,6]

  2. Gentiana Lutea Extract

    This is an herb that helps the digestion of food. It’s been noticed that it improves the amount of saliva you produce – and that’s for a reason: it boosts appetite![7]

    This is the ingredient that is making literally every user of Magnitropin extremely hungry – so if you’re going to try this stuff, get your diet prepared and do some serious bulk cooking!

  3. Paederia Foetida Extract

    This is the testosterone-boosting component in Magnitropin. It works as both a major aphrodisiac and improved serum testosterone levels in the mice.[8]

    In the study cited above, the rats had a mounting frequency that went up over 231% with this ingredient – so you’re going to be on your alpha game when the Magnitropin starts kicking in!

  4. Cistanche Deserticola Extract

    Also known as “desert ginseng”, and has been used to improve endurance and prevent muscle damage.

    It works by helping you dispose of lactic acid quicker (this will pair well alongside the beta alanine in the Myokem Nitramine pre workout).

Epicatechin in Myokem Magnitropin

With Epicatechin, Myostatin down, follistatin up!

With any anabolic supplement, you’re going to need to eat big, get an aggressive mindset, and lift hard – consistently.

The supporting ingredients in Magnitropin help with both of those problems – gentiana lutea for the appetite, paederia for the alpha mindset, and cistanche deserticola for the recovery.

Add that to the anabolic effects of (-)-Epicatechin, and you’re in for one intense 4 to 8 week run!

For a far more detailed analysis, check out PricePlow’s full ingredient write-up.[2]

How do you take it?

Each bottle contains a 4 week supply.

  • Six days out of the week, you take three capsules twice daily with food.
  • On the seventh day of the week, you take zero capsules.
  • For best results, take your first three capsules with breakfast and your second three capsules with your pre workout meal.
  • It’s also preferred (but not critically important) that you try to line up your “No-Magnitropin” 7th day with a workout rest day.
  • You can run this for eight weeks (two bottles). After that, you must discontinue for at least 4 weeks.

Can women take it?

Yes – Myokem has stated that Magnitropin is safe for both men and women.

Where can I get it?

See the Myokem Magnitropin page on PricePlow to compare prices, or click here to go directly to the best deal.

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