Myokem mTOR Pro

In 2014, Myokem unleashed a game changer to the pre-workout market with Nitramine. Utilizing research-backed ingredients to craft what many publications have named the best pre workout supplement for focus, Nitramine provided unrivaled mental focus, strength, endurance, and recovery.

So what’s next?

Myokem mTOR Pro

Now, in 2015, Myokem is primed to dominate the intra workout sphere with the unveiling of mTOR Pro!  Featuring an industry exclusive time-released leucine component (codename ActiveTR), this amino acid supplement creates the ultimate 1-2 punch when combined with Nitramine to unleash the beast on your workouts!

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Before we get into the details on the ingredients below, here’s a bird’s-eye view of the profile:

  • Hefty 14g serving size – lot of active goodies loaded into a single scoop
  • 8g BCAAs (including the patented ActiveTR time-released leucine) – well above the prescribed 5g dose that is typically seen in the majority of intra workouts
  • 30 servings/tub – good for a whole month of workouts

Let’s take a deeper look, starting with the full label:

mTOR Pro Ingredients

The mTOR Pro Ingredients

mTOR Pro Ingredients:

We’re going to kick off the analysis with the game-changing ingredient that only mTOR Pro contains.

  • Time Release L-Leucine (as ActiveTR™)

    ActiveTR™ is the real eye-catcher in mTOR Pro, as no other intra workout on the market currently utilizes this ingredient.  Basically, once ingested, the 3g L-Leucine dose is released in the blood for absorption every 2 hours over a total time of 8 hours.  This ensure your mTOR pathway is constantly activated and muscle protein synthesis (MPS) is on non-stop!

    ActiveTR - Time-Released Leucine

    ActiveTR – Time-Released Leucine (Image courtesy of Compound Solutions)

    As you can see in the graph above, a regular 3g dose of L-Leucine and ActiveTR™ were ingested at the same time.  Over the ensuing 8 hours, regular leucine dwindles down to nothing whereas ActiveTR™ kicks into gear at the 2 hour mark and continues to do its work for the remainder of the 8 hours.

    Why is this a big deal?

    This is ideal for those who engage in endurance training/events, fasting, or those that flat out don’t eat that frequently.  That spans a WIDE range of people who workout so this is just the ticket for ensuring there is a steady stream of L-Leucine constantly circulating throughout the body.

    As we stated earlier, L-Leucine activates the mTOR pathway which in turn triggers muscle protein synthesis.[1]  It stands to reason that having leucine circulating through the body over an extended period of time would be incredibly beneficial.   This staves off any sort of catabolism that could potentially happen due to logs gaps between feedings.[2]

  • Instantized BCAAs (5g)

    No intra workout worth its salt is complete without a healthy dose of BCAAs (that’s Branched Chain Amino Acids for those new to this). Myokem utilizes the tried and true ratio of 2:1:1, proven to be most effective when supplementing.

    That means you’ll get 2.5g of regular L-Leucine, 1.25g L-Isoleucine, and 1.25g of L-Valine!  We already have expounded on the virtues of our dear friend L-Leucine, but L-Isoleucine and L-Valine aren’t just tag alongs.  This duos benefits lie in its ability to regulate glucose uptake by muscle cells during intense exercise AND promote glycogen synthesis WITHIN muscle cells.[3,4]

    mTOR Pro

    mTOR Pro

  • Remaining Amino Acids

    • L-Lysine 938mg
    • L-Threonine 685mg
    • L-Phenylalanine 310mg
    • L-Tyrosine 292mg
    • L-Histidine 175mg
    • L-Methionine 100mg

    Myokem rounds out its mTOR Activating Recovery Matrix with a nice serving of both essential and conditionally essential amino acids (L-Tyrosine being the conditional bugger). This works to mTOR Pro’s advantage making it a COMPLETE intra workout supplement since it comprises BOTH BCAA and EAAs!

    The Nitramine Benefits

    Just wait til you can stack this with Nitramine. They’re not lying when they say RAZOR sharp mental focus.

    The perk of having EAAs in the blend is that they have been shown to be MORE effective (to the tune of 33% MORE MPS) than BCAA supplementation alone![5]  As great as BCAAs are on their own, the body runs off of EAAs.  Follow along here…

    Your body calls in BCAAs when it starts to build protein chains required to synthesize new muscle. Then your genes call in the EAAs required to complete the process…

    …so what happens if only BCAAs are present? The new protein strand is terminated and your body resorts to pulling EAAs from existing muscle leading to muscle CATABOLISM and NO GAINS BROSEF!

    Now you can see why mTOR Pro stands a cut above most other intra workout supplements that are based solely around BCAAs.

  • Hydration Matrix (1.225g)

    mTOR Pro’s Hydration Matrix is comprised of Taurine (1g), Potassium gluconate (150mg), and Sodium chloride (75mg).

    Taurine is another of those conditionally essential amino acids that works synergistically with BCAAs to reduce muscle soreness.[6]

    Potassium gluconate and sodium chloride are electrolytes that are crucial for maintaining proper hydration levels in the muscle cells and allowing the muscles to continue to contract each and every rep of your workout.

  • Astragin (50mg)

    Developed by NuLiv Science, Astragin is a proprietary ingredient that enhances the uptake of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals by the body.[7]

Now, all we can do is wait for any more updates on possible flavors and exactly WHEN this godsend intra workout will hit the store shelves and online retailers.  Until then, make sure to sign up for updates on all the Myokem products and stay tuned to this page where we’ll be sure to keep you abreast of the latest and greatest developments!

Stack it with Nitramine for explosive workouts!

Lastly, don’t forget that mTOR Pro is the “2” in the ultimate 1-2 punch of pre and intra workout supplementation.  Make sure to grab a free sample of the top-selling pre workout Nitramine on the homepage of this site!

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