Let’s not sugarcoat it:

Sometimes, our diets make us downright stupid.

In order to lose weight, you need to put yourself into a caloric deficit. That usually means one of two things:

  1. Take in less energy (calories from food)
  2. Expend more energy (more movement and exercise)

Usually, we do both, and when we subject our bodies to this two-pronged approach, our brains work less than optimally (to put it nicely). We’re unproductive, unfocused, and not in the mood to do much of anything besides kill time until the next meal.

Myokem has found the solution to the problem of “dead brain” diet: Pyroxamine.

Introducing Pyroxamine

Who is Myokem?

Myokem is a sports nutrition company that is taking the fitness world by storm with their pre workout supplement, Nitramine.

Nitramine provides unbelievable amounts of focus for your hardest workouts and sporting events. It can be used during diets, but it’s geared more towards muscle building.

For users who want the benefits of Nitramine and more to burn fat, Myokem launched Pyroxamine.

Myokem Logo

Pyroxamine is a uniquely potent fat burner that does more than help your body burn fat: it gives you razor-sharp focus.

Best of all, like its big brother, the Nitramine pre workout supplement, Pyroxamine does it without enormous amounts of caffeine. It’s one of the few products that doesn’t need too much caffeine for you to “feel” it, thanks to the diverse cast of ingredients that really make it run.

What are the ingredients?

The list of ingredients is long – longer than most. Below, we go through each ingredient. Soon, you’ll realize that each one assists in either burning fat or increasing focus, all in their own ways.

Let’s start with caffeine: Each capsule contains 100mg of caffeine.

This might seem low compared to what other “weight loss pills” are offering, but the simple fact is that research shows that caffeine only has a little bit to do with real lipid oxidation, or fat burning.[1] Too much simply brings side effects without any extra fat burning benefits.

What caffeine really does for fat burn is to speed the reactions of other ingredients, which get your central nervous system to release more fatty acids for you to burn.

The Accelerated Lipo-Regulating Matrix

The Pyroxamine Ingredients

The Pyroxamine Ingredients Label

Much of the fat burning properties come from this 340mg blend – you can consider it the non-stimulant side of Pyroxamine.

Note that most of the High-Energy Matrix ingredients (discussed lower down) have fat burning properties as well:

Caralluma Fimbriata Herb Powder

The fiber from this plant has long been used as an appetite suppressant. Historically, it’s been depended on during times of famine to keep people happy (sound familiar?!) and full of endurance.

In one study, not only did it suppress appetite, it also reduced waist circumference.[2]

Olive Leaf Extract

We all know that olive oil is a very healthy oil. But did you know that the leaves provide very high levels of what makes it healthy — oleuropein.

Beyond helping with weight loss, this compound has been associated with so many “general” health markers, such as:

  • Oxidizing LDL cholesterol and lowering your total cholesterol[3]
  • Lowering blood pressure[4]
  • Improved blood sugar maintenance[5]

Bacopa Monniera Extract

Bacopa has been added to the mix because it’s adaptogenic — during times of stress (ie. your diet), it helps your body adjust hormonal levels safely.

In bacopa’s case, it’s the anti-anxiety effects that are most pronounced for some[6], but there are also improvements in cognition as well.[7]

Most users feel a great mood enhancement from bacopa, and it reduces any anxiety the caffeine may give you.

Grains of Paradise Extract


Feeling foggy from your diet? You need to feel Pyroxamine

Known as aframomum melegueta, Grains of Paradise is a spice that is similar to ginger. It can help control fat mass.

A recent study showed that it activates your brown adipose tissue and increases whole body energy expenditure, which has prompted brands like Myokem to put it in their products.[8]

Evodia Rutaecarpa Extract

Evodia is an interesting compound that comes from evodia fructae berries. It increases warmth (is thermogenic) and can even decrease how cold you are when in cold conditions.[9]

Its thermogenic activity leads us to believe that it’s also burning fat for energy, but this has not yet been proven in human trials. It does, however, work incredibly well in rats, so we look forward to more research coming on this in the future.[10]

This definitely makes us want to test Pyroxamine out int he winter!

The High-Energy Matrix

The High Energy Matrix in Pyroxamine is the part that’s very similar to the Nitramine pre workout. Myokem took what worked great inside of Nitramine for focus, and moved it to a fat burner, on top of the above ingredients.

What you have is a brilliant formulation that will leave you a bit more brilliant yourself:


L-Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea leaves that makes it more soothing – this is what takes the edge off of the stimulants in the product!


The Citicoline Cycle

The citicoline Cycle. This serves as a reminder that the brain is an extremely complicated organ, but choline is in the center of some very important processes

Acetylcholine is known as the “learning neurotransmitter”. Supplements such as citicoline are known as cholinergenics and safely boost your levels of acetylcholine, providing you with a massive amount of cognitive and “neuroprotective” benefits, regardless of age.[13]

Choline is typically taken via diet. There are high levels in egg yolks, for instance, but when we diet, we sometimes cut those out (amongst other foods that would have provided our choline). This is why it’s brilliant to have it in a fat burner.

There are various forms of choline, and citicoline, or Choline-CDP is the one that’s most bioavailable — you need less of it than any other form. This is incredibly useful for a fat burner pill, since there are obvious space constraints.

More information

On this site, we have an in-depth article on why Citicoline is the best choline.


Although Myokem put this ingredient in the high-energy matrix, this is actually a very effective fat burner that helps burn fat. Also known as norcoclaurine, higenamine is a β-agonist that not only helps burn fat, but it strengthens cardiac activity.[14,15]


Olive Leaf Extract Benefits

Some of the benefits of olive leaf extract on blood glucose levels, as discussed above.

Working from a different angle from the beta-agonists are the alpha-antagonists, or α-blockers, like N-methyl-tyramine (NMT).[16]

This provides a type of stimulant activity that blocks a bit of your fat storage, so it helps your body when it faces fuel from food. This is also why it’s great to take Pyroxamine on an empty stomach before you eat.


You may recognize this from chocolate. It works similarly to caffeine, and synergistically as well. It improves mood and concentration improve, but is also an adenosine antagonist, making it a stimulator for lipolysis.[17]


Hordenine is important because it helps your body release stores of norepinephrine, which yields fat loss by stimulating that fight or flight response, which mobilizes the fat your body has been storing in case of emergency.[18]

Huperzine A

This is the reason why you are going to feel so much more focused with Pyroxamine than any of its competitors. The citicoline and other ingredients are great, but where the competition misses out is in the dosage of huperzine A. It is an expensive ingredient, but well worth it in terms of cognitive enhancement.[19]

On this site, we also have a lengthy write-up on it at our Huperzine A page.


The rauwolscine in Pyroxamine comes from rauwolfia vomitoria, and it also behaves like a alpha-blocker. This makes it a strong stimulant that aids in fat loss.[20]

Pyroxamine Reviews

There are some great reviews out there, but here’s a great in-depth one from Petey at SupplementReviews:

A side note on weight loss

In the introduction to this article, we briefly mention that you need to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight. Note the emphasis on the word weight.

We honestly don’t care how much you weigh – we care how you look.

And to look good, you need to be toned and showing some muscle. Strong is the new skinny. Strong bodies are sexy bodies.

So in order to keep that hard earned muscle when dieting, you need to remember to structure your diet so that protein is priority. Low-carb or low-fat, it doesn’t matter — you must keep the protein number high – at roughly 1g per pound of lean body mass. Research comparing low-carb vs. low-fat diets confirms it.[21]

Pyroxamine will help you burn fat, but make sure you’re not also burning too much muscle by keeping the protein intake high.

Ready for the workout of your life?

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