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Mike and CJ absolutely loved Nitramine. Focus was incredible, and CJ was blown away by the pumps, even when he was in extremely low carb mode prepping for a show. After this review, CJ went home with the tub and simply fell in love!

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As I'm going through the squat sets, I'm feeling the focus kick in. Laser-like focus as in the focus belongs to you -- more than just glorified mood enhancement. "Synced up" is the best way to explain it.

This is one of the best and most unique pre-workouts I've ever tried.

Brandon Hooper
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The first effect that kicks in is the focus, and it's almost like a light bulb. All of a sudden you feel like you're about to do the workout of your life, and if you don't give 110% it's all over.

You basically transform into a one track mind person with your focus dead set on your exercises, sets, and what rep records you're about to break. During your session you don't think about anything else, it's on to the next movement or set.
You can talk all the science you want, but I want results.  And at the end of the day, this stuff gave me next-level workouts each and every time -- even on a diet.  I'm in contest prep and nothing else matters but that.
CJ Woodruff
The Fitness Trainer Academy
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2 thoughts on “Nitramine Reviews

  1. CJ

    Phenomenal stuff. Even during an extreme diet and being 4 days out from my contest, Nitramine gave a legit pump when I was feeling very carb depleted and flat. The taste was great and something new, and it definitely pulled me out of my funk.

    Everyone is right about the focus. You really get after it and feel your workout. This is not just another pre workout. This one is something special!

  2. Oliver S

    This stuff is awesome. Took it before my workouts weekdays for 6 weeks pretty regularly. First couple days I got the tingles, but after that didn’t. What I like about this Pwo was that I was focused, used it for 6 weeks without gaining a noticeable tolerance and that throughout my 60-90 minute long workout I didn’t plateau or crash like other Pwo. Felt focused, pumped up, had quick recoveries and put up heavy weights, and I could do cardio. Taste is okay, DO NOT drink coffee with it, and a couple workouts I got a little nauseous. Not for becoming hulk huge, but great for strength training and getting ripped. Currently it is my favorite Pwo

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